The Memphis Strip Club. A Bay Leaf Original

While the true origin of the Club Sandwich is up for debate, its longevity is indisputable. In 1899, the sandwiches were  already well-known on the East Coast, North and South. They were served aboard the Steamer Providence on her New York – Fall River route, as a surviving menu from the ship will attest.  The earliest printed reference to a sandwich with the term “club” dates from May 1897, when Atlanta Constitution ran a blurb about Durand’s restaurant and its intention to copyright a sandwich made with “a slice of ham, two slices of pickles and a slice of turkey placed between thin pieces of light bread, along with a slice of tongue and an artistic touch of mustard.” In 1898,  New York American recommended to send children to school with a “toasted sandwich of chicken breast, bacon, mustard, and lettuce.” It went so far as to say of the creation that it was “the most palatable as well as healthful thing in the way of sandwiches.”

We think it’s still a great combination.  At Bay Leaf Restaurant, we make our Memphis Strip Club sandwich to order from fresh chicken, with applewood smoked bacon and tangy BBQ sauce.

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